The Wurlitzer No. 1  is a site specific tech-trash album.  A mobile app that mixes a site specific electronic album, geo-located at the former Wurlitzer Factory in Buffalo, NY. It combines the historical background of the Western New York factory with a locative sound mixer that remixes old and new electronic music technologies on the edge of the old factory.


The mobile app turns the perimeter of the former factory into an electronic archive of wurlitzer instruments. Different track mixes are created by the various routes that one travels around the building. The path of the user on site determines the mix that one hears.


The app is geolocated and the album can only be accessed when physically traveling to the site. If you stand in the same place the same sample will repeat. In order to hear the album, you must walk the perimeter of the building.









Wurlitzer No. 1



While there are decayed electronic components and their ecological impact as a factor, what else emerges in the multiple layers of tech-decay? What is the relationship of obsolete mechanical technology, humans, and the post industrial factories in which the instruments were made?


A mobile app that layers all of this together seemed a fitting method to explore these questions.

Is tech trash the ghost of electric human organs? An extended phenotype, like the spider web, the beaver dam - the keyboard? What is an abandoned spider web if not the tech trash of arachnid factories and spider symphonies?

Wurlitzer No. 2

Wurlitzer No. 2 is an Augmented Reality version of the app. Text from local Craigslist ads are mixed with the musical tracks with text to voice synthesizers. Text and images of Wurlitzer instruments that are being given away by locals are displayed on screen.