July 2017 - 'Ultra-terrestrial Superpositions: Augmented Earth Intel', Talk and workshop, Senselab at Concordia University, Montreal, CA


June 2017 - 'NooPhone in the Black Space: Or How to Avoid Roaming Charges', Joint show with Andrew Blanton, Squeaky Wheel Film and Media Arts Center and Silo City, Buffalo, NY


April 2017 - 'Non-Theurgy', Group show/Media Performance, Dreamlands Contemporary Art, Buffalo, NY


April 2017 -  Papay Gyro Nights, Haxan (The Witches),  6th Hong Kong Edition, Hong Kong, HK


April 2017 - LMAO: Encryption & DIY FemTech Digital Safety Workshop led by Yvette Granata, Squeaky Wheel Media Art Center, Buffalo, NY


March 2017 - SCMS (Society of Film and Media Studies), Annual Conference, Chicago, IL


February 2017 -  Papay Gyro Nights, Haxan (The Witches), 7th Edition, Bergen, Norway


December 2016 -  Taipei Biennial - Madame Wang, Taipei, Taiwan


November 2016 -  Tuning Speculation IV, Toronto, CA


November 2016 - ACRE TV, Artists Made TV, Streaming Online/ Chicago, IL


October 2016 - San Jose State Art Department, Artist talk, Artist Talk Series, Oakland, CA


October 2016 -  Project Room,  Installation, UB Art Department of Art, Buffalo, NY


July 2016 -  Virtualities, Becomings, and Life: Deleuze Studies Conference, Rome, Italy


May 2016 - ISEA, International Symposium for Electronic Arts, Artist Talk, Hong Kong, HK


May 2016 - Experiencing Computational Media, Media Art Exhibit, Group Show, Sugar City, Buffalo, NY


Apr 2016 - [Image Here], Harvard Film and Visual Studies Department, Conference & Exhibition, Cambridge, MA


April 2016 - SCMS (Society of Film and Media Studies), Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA


April 2016 - Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, ‘Data, Cognition, and Intelligent Devices’ Conference, Warwick University, UK


June 2016 - SLSA, European Society for Literature, Science, & the Arts, ’Control’ Conference, Sweden


December 2015 - The New School, ‘After Representation: Genres of Sense,’ Event Series, NY


December  2015 - Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, ‘Crypto-Persona Performance Lab, Buffalo, NY


November 2015 - UB Lower Art Gallery, 'Working Title', Co-curator for group show, Buffalo, NY


October 2015 - Affect Theory W/T/F (Worldings, Tensions, Futures), Affect Theory Conference, Lancaster, PA


July 2015 - New Forms of Realism with Francois Laruelle, Skopje, Macedonia


November 2015 - 'Working Title: Artists on the Edge of Lake Erie' (Curator), UB Art Department, Lower Gallery, Buffalo, NY


May 2015 - Feminist Geophilosophy Conference Panel, AAG Annual Conference, Chicago, IL


September-October 2014 - Trans-Farm, Curator for exhibition, Detroit, MI


July 2014 - Deleuze in Praxis, Conference, Amsterdam, NL


May 2014 -  EYE Film Institute, ‘Superficie des Continents,’ for E-Cinema Series, Amsterdam, NL


March 2014 -  Vondelbunker Art Space, Group Show, Installation of ‘Little Electricity’, Amsterdam, NL


March 2014-  MUFF, Milwaukee Underground Film Fest, Screening of '2138', Milwaukee, WI


August 2013 -  Kunsthalle of Multimedia & Light Art, Group Show, Installation for City Drift, Detroit, MI


July 2013 - NECS Conference, Media Politics/Political Media, Prague, CZ


June 2013-  ‘Neuro-Image’,  (Curator) film-philosophy and theory-based curatorial film program, Kriterion Film Theater, Amsterdam, NL


May 2013 -  EYE Film Institute, ‘Medical Experimental’, Group Show, E-Cinema Series, Amsterdam, NL


May 2013 - Another Experiment by Women in Film, curated by Lily White, New York, NY


April 2013 - FIVAC, Video Art Festival, Camaguey, Cuba